Students applying for Korean language courses at Hanyang University must apply for a Student Visa (D-4), or a Tourist Visa (C-3, limited to some nations), from Korean Immigration, after receiving admission into the program. Students are responsible for obtaining visas from Korean Immigration. If a student fails to receive a visa after registering at Hanyang University, the student must apply for tuition refund within 2 weeks, from the starting date of the semester. Admission letters will be granted to students applying for visas at Korean embassies worldwide

Students Visa Extension


Students may receive a visa extension with an 80% or higher attendance rate. In order to extend a student visa, students must submit certificate of enrollment, tuition payment receipt, certificate of residence and bank deposit certificates (in your own name) to the immigration office. Admission letter and certificate of enrollment is issued only during designated period.

전학생비자 연장


타교에서 한양대로 전학 와서 D4 비자를 연장할 경우, 입학이 허가된 후 국제교육원 6층 사무실에서 입학허가서와 학비납입증명서를 발급 받고, 거주지 증명서와 6만원을 지참하여 관할 출입국 관리사무소에서 비자를 신청할 수 있습니다.

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